::Search Engine Marketing and SEO

According to a Nielsen study conducted in October 2007, 74% of people looking for local products and services searched the internet first. Search engines are dynamic, algorithms changing constantly and your competitors are optimizing their sites, so your clients and potential customers can find them.

Is difficult for potential clients who are not familiar with your company to find information about your products and services when they search the internet? Would you like to have a link to your website displayed on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOl, and other search engines? Do you want to improve your position on the major search engines, as well as begin targeted ad campaigns?

We provide highly personalized Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to a small number of clients. This highly personalized attention allows us to improve our clients position on major search engines, as well as monitor Ad words campaigns. Below is one of our case studies.

SEM & SEO for Online Air Systems

Online Air Systems, offers you wholesale prices on thier quality Goodman® products because of their high volume of sales to residential and commercial customers. They\’ve made thousands of people cool, comfortable, and happy with their products, and the higher the volume of customers, the lower the price to the customers. Online Air Systems is only on the web, so all of their customers found them though the Ad Words Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization.