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Search engines (like Google) rank websites in their response listings dependent upon the content of the websites.  Does your website have content problems that keep it from ranking highly in search engines?  Please read below to find out whether your website has any of the most common problems affecting ratings of websites, and examples of what Viparious has done for other businesses to solve those problems.

1) “Non-Unique Content:” Google and other search engines take away points for website text that can be found word-for-word on other websites. To Google and other search engines, that’s a cardinal sin, no matter who did the typing or copying.

How we solved the problem: We rewrote the web page content for LAKELAND SPINE CENTER, leading to a 38% increase in web visitors to their site the very next week.

2) “No Content:” The way search engines work, for a page to be recognized it needs at least three good paragraphs of “unique” content; and bulleted lists don’t count. Google and other search engines take away points for website text that is not substantial.

How we solved the problem: Another one of our customers, TRUE MD, has substantially increased the number of responses received from people visiting its website.  We rewrote their web page content.  This was one of the many marketing tools they used to increase their customer base.

3) “Old Content:” If it’s been a long time since any of your web page content has been changed, even though the content may be great, search engines look for fresh content, and a website that doesn’t change frequently slowly slips downward in the rankings. Search engines take away points for website text that never changes.

How we solved the problem: One of our customers, SURPLUS SOLUTIONS, gets 3 to 5 responses each day from people who call after finding them on Google. Using our software, SURPLUS SOLUTIONS regularly and easily updates its website.


Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals, Grow Your Business And Increase Responses To Your Website

To enhance your website’s optimization, we offer a copywriting service to update your web content, one page a month for a one year contract.  No payment is necessary for the first month, and the fee for professional copywriting every month thereafter is only $50 for a rewritten or completely new page.


Our optimal goal for most companies is to help you design, publish and maintain at least 30 substantial, unique pages for your website, and we can assist you in building the quality content that will give your business a much stronger presence on the web.  

If your company is interested in improving your marketability, information processes and web presence, let us show you what VIPARIOUS’ highly trained staff can do to help you achieve your goals in this marketplace.  Please call our office at 863-683-9500, or visit us on the web at www.viparious.com.