::Software and Web Development Services

::Custom Contact Management Software 
Missing a follow-up call can lead to a lost sale or a disgruntled client.  Our custom contact management solutions provide an efficient way to manage and track follow-up with your clients and prospective customers.  No prospective customer should fall through the cracks. We provide Custom Contact Management Solutions for Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, and Business Services.


::Telephony Software
We provide custom software solutions which allow you to perform automated phone calls from your call center. We integrate the custom solution with your current system.  We use our database of every resident and business in the country to validate your data (see Data Migration Services Link).


::Custom Medical Information Systems
Viparious and its partners can assist healthcare providers in developing electronic record storage systems that help integrate data from a wide range of systems. These solutions improve collaboration between workers, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and the quality of service. Through these solutions, physicians and other staff can make full use of data quickly and easily.


::Data Migration
We will securely move data from anywhere to anywhere in real time, near real-time, or in batches. We work with your business experts (or we will analyze your system for you) to determine the set of rules needed to map your source information to the target schema or data layout. These rules include data validation, and rules for automatically correcting corrupted data.