::Clients and Projects

Here a few of the projects that the leaders of Viparious have successfully accomplished while employed for each respective company.


ImageAs one of the largest international utility companies, this client needed to develop a Copyright Management System with the ability to download and update copywriter information, text, pictures, and other large binary objects. We provided the design, coding, and testing necessary to complete the project on-time providing the client with a product that allow them to significantly gain market share in their target space.




ImageCreated the data-architecture for the Marsh Information Center with an ASP Dot Net front-end that uses Java-Script and Dot Net Remoting that triggers legacy COM objects on a set of servers with multi-processors. The solution allows the maximum CPU efficiently. There are 20 data processes that are submitting average bulk-files of One-hundred thousand claims with 6 million corresponding financial transaction on a busy day. A typical claim has 400 to 500 hundred fields and each financial transaction has between 100 to 200 fields. Thus, on a given day Terabytes of claim and transaction data is updated with gigabytes of data.




ImageResponsible for the full life cycle development of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, a Life Critical Object Oriented Client Server application with a SQL Server Database running 24X7 at 30 E-911 Police and Fire stations. Lucent won the 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Emergency 9-1-1 Database. See the article.



ImageResponsible for full life-cycle development of United Airlines’ strategic internet e-Commerce flight booking application called Telescope.  This e-Commerce helped United to gain market share.





ImageResponsible for development and administration of musicplayer.com.  This site serves wave, picture files and streaming media with an extremely fast response time.  The popularity of this site quickly grew to 5000 hits per day.





ImageCreated an embedded Internet Browser similar to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape.  This allowed for the an extremely fast presentation of graphics  and multi-media not possible with any available browser.