::Marveler – An Elite Call Out Phone System

Viparious developed an elite call out phone system called, Marveler.  Marveler can make phone calls to a specified area based upon zip code, city, state or your own list.  Once the area is determined your custom pre-recorded messages are recorded and the phone calls are made. 

Once a contact is reached your pre-recorded message is played with the ability for the contact to make selections such as continue to listen, request more information, etc. 


Each individual phone call is logged into our system.  Once logged a summary report is created describing when each call was made, if the call was answered, busy or not answered, and selections the contact made.  The Marveler emails the summary report with the detailed results to you the same day the calls were made.  If the caller leaves a message, then you instantly receive the message and the call data described above.





    •         7 cents for each call
    •         7 additional cents for each business call
    •         7 cents a minute while connected
    •         7 cents for each call recording enabled call 
    •         Free Instant Notifications


If you order all items above you will receive a 7% discount on all calls.



We provide profession recordings by well known radio voices.  The cost is $250 for each minute of recording. Most call out requests are only a minute in length.  As an alternative you can provide your own recordings and we will convert them into telephone quality recordings for $50.



Here are the stats from a previous call out using the current version of the Marveler:

    •         127 people requested a call back
    •         527 people expressed interest by pressing 1 at least once
    •         34,888 distinct people were called



Click here to view a sample call out report.



The Marveler provides the following key features, which will maximize your ability to connect with people in your selected area:
    •         The person called can leave a message up to 2 minutes in length (for long winded people)
    •         You will receive daily emails with a link to download your reports and recorded messages.
    •         All recordings and reports are saved to a secure data center (physical security, cyber
               security, cat 5 hurricane proof, redundant internet connections, redundant power, etc.)
    •         The reports and recordings are back-up in an alternate facility.  
    •         The ability to leave a message on answering machines.
    •         Upload your do not call list.
    •         Call’s back busy and phones not answered.
    •         Instant notification of a person is requesting more information, and instant transmission
               of the caller’s recorded message. This will allow you and your team to call back people
               requesting follow-up immediately. This means they are still home when you call back.
               (See the test email below notice the times.)


               Case studies conclude for you to reach someone via telephone you need to make nine 
               calls on average.  Now you do not have to worry about phone tag, or the person forgetting 
               that they received the original call by the time you call back.