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Effective web development has never been more essential for businesses, whether you are joining the trend toward e-commerce, creating a document management system, or just trying to hang your shingle higher on google than your competitors. Web innovations and internet marketing strategies can keep your business in the black and beyond, when combined with intuitive web page design, appealing visuals, and snappy copywriting that make your customers feel at home.

If an intelligent business web page was a curiosity at the turn of the millennium, and just an added perk in the runaway boom time of the past few years, it has become an essential business tool in an e-commerce culture where shrinking budgets demand efficient and effective marketing. Run by Juanita Swindell, Search Engine Optimization Expert, Viparious makes companies more profitable and effective by building, enhancing, and marketing their presence on the world wide web.

When people are looking for the services your business offers, it\’s Search Engines such as Google, Yahooo, and Bing, they turn to. Our search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services help put your business where Search Engines can find it and display it prominently. In fact, Viparious has put several businesses at the top of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s front pages for their service and area. We know what search engines want, and it\’s not simple or static. Contracting with Viparious to do an SEO and internet marketing campaign, just once or on a continuing basis, can give your business the edge in exposure to your target customers.

Also, if your business has been mired in a marriage with a web host, website, or e-commerce site that is hard to change or otherwise takes the control out of your hands, Viparious can set you free by creating you a new site in dotnetnuke (DNN). This revolutionary Content Management System (CMS) makes the website content (including catalog and price info on e-commerce sites) easy to change, even for low-tech types. After creating the website to your specifications, Viparious trains your designated employee in the basic procedure instead of paying a programmer an exorbitant fee every time you want to add or delete something from your website. As with all of its solutions, Viparious provides full support for the websites it creates.

If your business could profit from an online store or a workflow solution, now could be the time to invest in these tools that have proven themselves extremely profitable. In fact, Viparious has both lost and gained customers because of the profitability of our work in these areas. Butch Vanderpool engaged Viparious to set up his Mobility Specialists website, but when the business quickly started turning a big profit, he called Viparious again, this time to reinvest his new profit in a full-scale, no-holds-barred e-commerce site. On the other hand, Viparious SEO/SEM on an e-commerce site for Online Air Systems and was slated to also build the company another website, but the owner had to call and cancel the further work. He and his crew had been kept so busy with the wildly successful e-commerce site that they had no time or energy to work on anything else. Money, yes. Time, no. Does this sound like the kind of problem you would like your business to have? Viparious can help.

Call us at 863-874-0132 to set up an appointment with Juanita or Willie. See how our web development services can be your business\’ effective answer to the dark economic times. Talk to us about the web needs and projects you would like to see realized. Let Viparious help your business help itself.

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