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What We Do

Founded by Charles Teague, a software architect and developer with 17 years of experience, Viparious provides a wide range of elite software development solutions, including web design, workflow and document management, search engine optimization and marketing, dotnetnuke solutions, custom contact management software, telephony software, custom medical information systems, and data migration. With its professional web development and e-commerce services, Viparious not only makes businesses visible on the internet to potential customers but also guides those customers smoothly and intuitively through your web content. What\’s more, with Charles Teague\’s architecture and software development expertise, Viparious is able to meet any content management needs for any business. Finally, for all its services, Viparious provides full support, including troubleshooting and the training of clients in how to use their new, customized software.

Why Us?

Viparious delivers a quality product customized to the client\’s needs with flexibility built into the process so that business web solutions can adapt in real time along with changing business needs. Underlying all of these Viparious characteristics is a foundation of integrity. The success of our business is the success of your business.

Our team works with you to determine the web or software solutions that you need for your business and market, customizing a product that works for you instead of selling a one-size-fits-none application. All along the way, we make sure the product is on target, and we test and monitor the final solutions to ensure they meet our standards of quality. Also, our work in dotnetnuke allows you, the client, to revise your web content with ease. That way, after we create a website for you, you have full control over it from that point forward instead of being held captive by some web designer.

At Viparious, we have always gone above and beyond the call of duty for our clients, and we plan to continue doing so. That kind of integrity improves our clients\’ businesses significantly, sometimes exponentially, and those are exactly the results we\’re looking for.

Prices and Warranties

Viparious is competitive in the market of elite software design, but the range of possible projects,and the different levels of project complexity,favor an estimate pricing model. Since our solutions are as unique as your business, there is no such thing as a “standard package.” Please call or email to set up a meeting to discuss your business goals and potential estimates.

One popular service, however, is the designing and optimization of business websites. Though we have built sites for a range of businesses at a range of prices, a target web product for any business that wants to use internet marketing to stand above the competition would be a thirty page website with monthly optimization, costing an estimated $22,000 for the site and $1,000 per month for the SEO/SEM. For smaller businesses, we have also packaged a basic four pages plus a business profile. Having put several of our clients on Google\’s front page, we know how valuable that kind of exposure can be to your business. You can easily create as many web pages as you want with any of our solutions.

Specific prices, services, and timetables, of course, would be spelled out in the contract, but all of our work comes with full support. Our warranty is that we will make it work, and work right, according to the product specified in our agreement.

Featured Items and Specialties

Besides SEO and SEM, Viparious is adept at workflow and contact relationship management solutions, writing software that can integrate your web contact module, your sales contact database, the stages of your current projects, and/or even your accounting program. So, for example, when a potential customer enters their information in the contact module of your (easily found) website, one of your sales representatives is instantly notified and can respond. The contact information, the date of response, and the result are then all automatically recorded in your customized database. No matter what organizational or document management challenges your business is facing, Viparious can provide the solution.

Viparious also provides professional design and copywriting services for its website development, though clients also have the freedom to add the content themselves, initially and through the easy revision process made possible through dotnetnuke.

With most web projects, Viparious also writes and submits a business profile for your business to hundreds of search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, further driving traffic to your website and your business.