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Trinity Med Center

What We Do

Trinity Medical Center is a family practice in Lakeland, Florida, that builds long-term relationships with its patients while also specializing in cutting-edge medical technology. Dr. Adam Parker and our other medical providers believe that the keys to good health care are prevention techniques and personal attention to the patient and the patient\’s history. So, besides normal medical care for adults and older adolescents, Trinity Medical Center offers a smoking cessation program , anti-aging/wellness treatments , physician-assisted weight loss , and pain-management therapy to help people be able to exercise again. In addition, Trinity is one of the few medical practices in Florida to take advantage of medical breakthroughs in non-surgical hemorrhoid removal .

Some of the other specific services offered are spirometry/pulmonary function testing, bariatric testing for weight loss , minor surgery, wound care/abrasions, and spinal care.

Why Us?

Trinity Medical Center was started with the idea of taking care of families the way doctors used to do it,bringing together medical skill and personal relationships. Since Dr. Parker “knows his stuff” and he knows his patients, he can give his patients sound medical counsel not only when they are sick but also when their medical history indicates they should start taking preventative steps. An “ounce of prevention,” as they say, requires a doctor who will pay enough attention to prescribe it.

Trinity also makes every effort to design its schedules so that you can actually get in to see your doctor when you are sick, and we try to make sure that it\’s your doctor you see. If you\’re tired of living in waiting rooms or seeing a new face every time you enter the clinic, you understand our solution.

Finally, because we want the best for our patients, we provide cutting-edge therapies and services that few other medical practices provide. Some examples: Anti-aging hormone therapy is a revolution in medicine, a revolution we can safely extend to our patients. Non-surgical hemorrhoid removal is safer, cleaner, and less expensive than traditional surgery, so it fits our commitment to our patients, too. Physician-assisted weight loss ,the right way,is essential to the life and the quality of life of our bariatric patients. Since obesity has risen to be the number one cause of medical morbidity and mortality, it\’s a key health issue that we address as part of a whole-person health solution. Through technology and skilled planning, we create a lifestyle diet that our patients can live with during and after they\’ve reached their weight-loss goals.

Prices and Warranties

As a member of the Central Florida Physician\’s Alliance, Trinity Medical Center is accredited with all major medical insurance carriers and is on all major health plans. Our doctors are on staff at Lakeland Regional Hospital and Bartow Regional Hospital.

Dr. Parker, as an osteopathic specialist in family medicine, did three years of residency in family medicine at Orlando\’s Florida Hospital East over and above his other medical training at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. In fact, Dr. Parker pursues extensive continuing education so that he can treat the whole person through every stage in his or her life,through prevention and intervention, through treatment and accurate referral.

Featured Items and Specialties

Our main specialty, of course, is quality, long-term medical care with an emphasis on the personal relationship. That is, our specialty is you. If you are in the Lakeland area, you can start to get to know us over the air waves on when Dr. Parker is a guest on WLKF\’s “Ask the Expert” radio show, Tuesdays, on 1430 AM.

Our other specialties are the cutting-edge technologies and preventative services described above and include management for diabetes , hypercholesterolemia (cholesterol management), hypertension (high blood pressure).