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Surplus Solutions, LLC

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Surplus Solutions, LLC

What We Do

Surplus Solutions, LLC, provides buyers and sellers for new and used surplus industrial machinery and equipment worldwide in the following industries: pharmaceutical, contract packaging/manufacturing, chemical, and consumer products. As a global company, we have strategic relationships with manufacturers in these industries all over the world, helping our customers maximize the return on their surplus and idle equipment and providing a reliable source for all equipment needs.

We provide many different services to meet your company\’s needs. We can market your equipment on our web site, provide consignment warehousing, do a valuation of your assets, facilitate plant liquidations and auctions, and/or purchase your equipment outright. We can take care of the whole process of equipment transfer, including the removal, shipping, and rigging of equipment. If you have idle or surplus equipment, we can find a buyer for it, and if you haven\’t been able to find the right equipment for the right price, we can source it for you. We are a “can do” company that should be on the short list of contacts for any equipment manager in the industries listed above.

Why Us?

At Surplus Solutions, we operate with personal and professional integrity, providing quick and thorough solutions for our customers. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our customers, and our company\’s smaller size enables us to make quicker decisions and be more flexible in our service to them. Our customers know they can trust us to provide as much information as possible about the equipment they are considering for purchase. They know us, so they know our goal is to provide the best possible solution for their equipment needs, not to make a quick and dirty buck.

Our customers also know that our global connectedness opens up the full range of markets for their surplus equipment, which allows us to help sell their equipment at a fair market value. Our customers also value our versatility and “can do” attitude. We either have the equipment your company needs, or we can find it, and we can handle everything in the process from sourcing to storing to installing. Sign up for our email newsletter, bookmark our website with its constantly-changing inventory, and call us to let us know how we can help your company today!

Prices and Warranties

If you are in the market for industrial equipment, you know that surplus and pre-owned equipment costs much less than new, usually at least 50% less. On the flip side, if you want to sell your surplus and idle equipment, you know how valuable your well-cared-for machine should be. Because of our global connections, our prices reflect a fair balance between the value of the buyer and the value of the seller, giving both parties the best deal possible. Check our catalog for prices on the specific items your company needs, or give us a call. Even if it\’s not in our online catalog, we can probably find it for you.

We do not offer warranties, since we are mainly the “middlemen,” but we do provide as much information about each piece of equipment as possible, including arranging visits to see the equipment running.

Featured Items and Specialties

Because sourcing equipment is one of our specialties, our “featured items” are always whatever items you need. We are customer-service driven and very successful at sourcing equipment, so give us a call to talk about your specific equipment need. Also, sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates about available equipment and visit our website regularly to see the new arrivals posted every day.

Our other main specialty is helping companies sell their surplus and idle equipment at a fair price so that their surplus machinery is doing good for them on the balance sheet instead of sitting unused on the factory floor. Not sure if there is a market for your unused equipment? Give us a call to find out!