::Custom Telephony Software Solution Example

We created a customize telephony solution for a taxi cab software provider, Taxi Central.  We integrated their custom telephone solution directly into Taxi Central’s software, called PC Dispatch.  Now if you request a cab, when the taxi arrives you will receive an automated phone call informing you that your cab is outside.  You will receive the number of the cab.  This is useful when you walk outside of your hotel and see 20 cabs. If the cab company is overwhelmed by phone calls, then you will receive an automated phone call apologizing for the delay.  Then you may choose to continue waiting for the cab, cancel the cab, or speak with an operator.


We wrote the solution in a highly configurable way, so that the taxi software provider can change the configurations that interact with the end customer by playing any wave file.  For example, the taxi cab software provider can change the configurations so that you would receive a phone call stating that the cab was five minutes away.  This solution also works with standard phone lines provided by the telephone company.  It has the ability to make multiple calls simultaneously (when given multiple phone lines).  This solution also calls the user back if the phone is not answered, or is busy.  All interactions and attempted interactions are logged and the responses are sent directly to PC Dispatch.


Buffy Hunt, the majority owner of Taxi Central, stated, “I am glad to see that PC Dispatch dials out automatically.”  During deployment Taxi Central requested for Viparious to change the Phone Solution to minimize the time it takes to begin playing wave files to the taxi patron.   Viparious made the change by changing configurations, which allowed for a successful deployment.  The owners of Taxi Central agreed that they had not heard of any auto dialer that begins speaking sooner.