::Telephony Software
We provide custom software solutions which allow you to perform automated phone calls from your call center. We integrate the custom solution with your current system.  We use our database of every resident and business in the country to validate your data (see Data Migration Services Link).   We are a reseller of Pika Phone Boards.


We also provide the ability to make automated phone calls from our call center.

::Marveler Call Out Phone System

Viparious is developing a brand new elite call out phone system called, Marveler.  Marveler can make phone calls to a specified area based upon zip code, city, state or your own list.  Once the area is determined your custom pre-recorded messages are recorded and the phone calls are made.


::Example of Custom Telephony Software Solution

Viparious created a customize telephony solution for a taxi cab software provider.  Viparious integrated their custom telephone solution directly into Taxi Dispatching software.  Now if you request a cab, when the taxi arrives you will receive an automated phone call informing you that your cab is outside.  You will receive the number of the cab.  This is useful when you walk outside of your hotel and see 20 cabs. If the cab company is overwhelmed by phone calls, then you will receive an automated phone call apologizing for the delay.  Then you may choose to continue waiting for the cab, cancel the cab, or speak with an operator.