::Data Migration

We will securely move data from anywhere to anywhere in real time, near real-time, or in batches. We work with your business experts (or we will analyze your system for you) to determine the set of rules needed to map your source information to the target schema or data layout. These rules include data validation, and rules for automatically correcting corrupted data.


We use our preparatory software tools in order to perform extremely fast conversions. These tools were used to update terabytes of data with gigabytes of data in a few hours in systems that contain a few small servers. 


We developed solutions that provided real-time life-critical transactions. This solution helped Lucent win an award from the Computer World Smithsonian institute of technology.



    ·        Databases to Your Websites
    ·        Barcode Scanners to Tracking Database
    ·        Your System to your Customer’s System

Operating systems

    ·        Apple to Windows
    ·        Windows to UNIX
    ·        Mainframe to Windows


Some examples of data migration include but are not limited to the following:


    ·        Databases to Active Directory
    ·        SAP to Oracle
    ·        DB2 to SQL Server
    ·        Access to MySQL

Flat Files

    ·        Excel to Access
    ·        Text files to DB2
    ·        FoxPro to Oracle

Software Integration

    ·        Navision to SQL Server
    ·        OPTS/MVS to Unicenter
    ·        Unicenter to ServiceCenter
    ·        Computer Aided Dispatch to a Terminal Pager