::Custom Contact Management Software

Missing a follow-up call can lead to a lost sale or a disgruntled client.  Our custom contact management solutions provide an efficient way to manage and track follow-up with your clients and prospective customers.  No prospective customer should fall through the cracks.
We provide Custom Contact Management Solutions for the following industries:


    •    Real-Estate
    •    Lawyers
    •    Business Services
    •    Insurance

Viparious' Commitment to You:


    •    To provide an excellent Custom Contact Management Solution that is configurable and built

          around your business.

    •    To assist you in building your business.  Our desire is to see your business grow exponentially.

    •    To protect and secure your client data.



What Viparious Provides: 


    •    A Contact Management System that is simple to use and highly configurable.

    •    The latest security and encryption technology available.

    •    Data Migration for your current contacts into the new contact system. Data Migration includes:

          •    Importing Data

          •    Data Validation

          •    Data Reconciliation

          •    Rule based field mapping


The Contact Management Solution Features: 


    •    Custom designed to fit your business needs.

    •    Manages the sales pipeline – This allows the you to make good business decisions

          based on estimated sales.

    •    Schedules follow-up emails, letters, calls, and automated calls – This increases our your

          success by avoiding lost opportunities.

    •    Schedules appointments – This eliminates double booking.

    •    Follow-up Surveys – This helps with your customer’s perception, and increases follow-up

          business for you.

    •    So simple to use and configure that no training is needed.

    •    Guaranteed to be online 99.1% of the time.

    •    Automatically prints client letters as configured by the administrator.

    •    Automatically emails your clients with the same configurability as the print feature.

    •    Automatic telephone calls (Telephony) with the same configurability as the print and email


    •    Management of follow up calls.

    •    Business Intelligence with the ability to create rules that will allow the system to direct the

          automation of calls, emails, printing and faxing.

    •    Reporting tools that track perspective clients and leads.

    •    Disaster Recovery for all contact data and configurations.



Future Contact Management Solution: 


We are currently developing the Rapport Plan System (RPS), which will be the first contact management system that includes telephony and integration with a financial system. The first version of RPS is scheduled for deployment in January, 2008.