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Sun South Equipment Leasing

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What We Do

Sun South Leasing Equipment provides opportunities for businesses to acquire the equipment they need in a cost-effective manner. We fill the niche for businesses that are looking to update and grow without engaging in expensive financing or substantial cash outlays by providing lease finance options that fit most any budgetary consideration. Medical, industrial, commercial: any business within any industry can take advantage of the benefits leasing affords without tapping into critical cash reserves or incurring enormous debt.

By arranging a simple agreement between the equipment owner (the “lessor”) and the end user (the “lessee”), you pay a negotiated amount for the use of the equipment over an agreed period of time. In essence, you amortize the depreciation over the life of the contract, resulting in affordable payments. In uncertain economic times, leasing provides a more prudent option by keeping other lines of credit open and retaining your cash.

With the flexibility of a Sun South Equipment Lease, you increase your ability to expand your business, provide new services, update outdated equipment and improve your bottom line. Restaurant equipment, medical and dental technology, computer equipment, construction tools and practically any equipment you need becomes available, affordable and cost-effective. You\’ll have access to anything you need, wherever it might be, regardless of the vendor. And Sun South Equipment Leasing puts the terms in place that bring it all to your business!

Why Us?

The professional team of Sun South Equipment Leasing has over 20 years of experience in equipment leasing. We understand the importance of being able to make an informed, educated decision. Most importantly, we want you to understand the leasing process. Our experience has proven that people who understand leasing continue to lease, so we have a vested interest in becoming your leasing consultant. When you provide a service this beneficial to such a wide and diverse market, you want to ensure people understand and appreciate the benefits.

We don\’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all\’ approach to leasing. Our flexible payment structures can be customized to meet individual needs. Monthly, quarterly, or even annual payment schedules, deferred payment plans from 60 to 90 days, lower front end payments with graduating payments near the end of the financing contract: Sun South Equipment Leasing offers it all and so much more.

Prices and Warranties

Imagine the increased negotiating power you\’ll have with a pre-approved lease from Sun South Equipment Leasing! Being pre-approved is a great negotiating tool when shopping for your next piece of equipment. You negotiate your best price with your chosen vendor and Sun South Equipment Leasing does the rest. You\’re covered by all factory warranties, maintenance agreements and any other special services provided by the manufacturer. Remember: our success is predicated on making your lease affordable for you.

Featured Items and Specialties

Our specialty is constructing leasing plans for ANY equipment within ANY industry. Because we provide leasing programs independent of any manufacturer, we can tailor your contract for any item in any industry. Our leasing products include but are not limited to operating and capital leases, municipal leases, conditional sales contracts, TRAC leases for commercial vehicles, 100 % Lease financing on new and used equipment as well as specialized, individually custom-tailored leases designed specifically for you. You\’ll receive all the benefits of ownership without the financial hardships of making a huge purchase, as well as the ability to write off your lease payments as an operating expense1. If you need it, we can lease it: it\’s that simple at Sun South Leasing Equipment.

1Speak to your tax service professional concerning current tax laws regarding leases.