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Message On Hold

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Tampa, FL 33629
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Web: http://www.messageonholdbyesp.com
Email: info@messageonholdbyesp.com

Message On Hold

What We Do

Message on Hold creates and produces professional quality on-hold messages for your business, practice or organization that maintain your callers\’ interest, while also drawing their attention to your business, its products and services, and your website. More than just music or a generic greeting, our rich, professionally voiced on-hold messages present the business image you want, communicate key products and services, prevent customer hang-ups, and drive customers to your website,all in an impressive and entertaining 3-4 minute production.

The writing staff at Message on Hold creates your message script based on information about what you do and what you offer, then you give the final approval, assuring you of a message that is truly customized to suit your facility. You can give your message a professional tone, an upbeat mood or a warm and relaxed texture. The choice is yours! Our state of the art studio, professional voicing and licensed music, team-up to make the perfect finishing touch to your business that gives callers a sense that they have made the right choice in contacting you.

We install the necessary hardware, and we maintain it so that you don\’t have to. We also include up to four changes to your message script per year at no extra charge, along with complimentary end-of-year holiday productions delivered right to your door. Use Message on Hold to promote services, direct callers right to your website as they listen, give directions to your facility, pass-on information or just entertain them while they wait to speak with you. What your callers hear while on hold is what they\’ll be asking about when you return to the line to take their call.

Why Us?

Message on Hold is a national company with a personal touch. Our friendly team is small enough to give you personal service, and we\’re dedicated to producing an on-hold message solution that makes your business sound sensational. On top of that, we enjoy creating unique, effective, and high-quality messages that make the inescapable “on-hold” situation a win-win scenario for you and your customers.

Also, we have streamlined our process so that this helpful service takes up as little of your time, mental energy, and resources as possible. You have more to worry about than reading fine print, so we don\’t have any fine print. You have more to think about than your phone message, so we take care of all those details for you. You don\’t know what the future holds, so we don\’t require any long-term contracts.

At Message on Hold, we don\’t ask for a long-term contract. Our low cancellation rate, earned by our top quality creative and production work, and “right-there” customer service, gives us the confidence to offer you a non-binding month to month service agreement. It\’s really simple; we take the risk so that you don\’t have to. Try us out. We think you\’ll agree! .

Prices and Warranties

One low monthly price, billed quarterly, covers the writing, voicing, licensed music, studio production, message changes, equipment and on-going service. We take care of everything so that you can confidently treat your callers to an interesting custom production every time you press the hold button…all at a surprisingly low price!

Featured Items and Specialties

·The moment a caller is put on hold, an impression is immediately being formed about your business. You can use that valuable on-hold time to project a knowledgeable, prosperous and service-oriented image that draws people to you.

· Many callers who find themselves on hold are at their computers, already on-line. They\’re surfing the net while they wait for you to take their calls. Our on-hold messages are written to direct them right to your website as they wait. It\’s the next best thing to walking them through your door.

· We can repeat your business name often enough to make you unforgettable. If callers hear your name often enough while on hold, it\’s you that they\’ll remember the next time they need what you have to offer.

To appreciate the value of our high quality on-hold message productions, just listen to the samples offered on our website. We really think you\’ll enjoy hearing what we can do for you: http://www.messageonholdbyesp.com .