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Lakeland Office
1421 Commercial Park Drive, Suite 3
1137 Bartow Road
Lakeland, FL 33801
Phone: (863) 816-5806
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Email: questions@lakelandloanfinder.com
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Loan Finder

What We Do

Loan Finder connects home buyers in the Lakeland, Florida, area with the home loan that is just right for their financial situation. Loan Finder founders Pete & Robby have over 19 years of combined experience in loans and mortgages, and they know how to create a successful application for a pre-approved loan, which is an essential tool to have in hand when you find the house of your dreams. They first meet with you and look over your credit report and financial portfolio, while also listening to your home ownership goals. They ask key questions to uncover the type of loan that you would be able to take on successfully, and they give honest advice about what steps you should take next.

After agreeing with you on an amount and type of loan, they prepare the application for pre-approval while the clients go house-hunting. Pete & Robby keep clients updated every step of the way and send treats like movie tickets to keep the loan application process fun. When there\’s a home closing, Pete & Robby show up with gifts for the closing, celebrating another successful home loan.

Why Us?

Loan Finder is highly recommended by Lakeland, Florida, realtors, and it is known for finding appropriate loans even for people with credit problems. Loan Finder works with people who can\’t get a loan yet to help them understand their options, and the Loan Finder free office consultations have been an eye-opening experience for hundreds of people.

The best reasons to come talk to Pete & Robby are that they know how to talk to you like real people and they have built customer service into every aspect of their business. If you\’re not having fun and learning stuff on the way to your home loan, they\’re not satisfied. At Loan Finder, you won\’t be in the dark about the process, and you won\’t be waiting forever to hear news about your loan. Oh, and when you get a loan, it will be the right one for you. That\’s always a plus.

Prices and Warranties

Pete & Robby will meet with you, assess your financial situation, and submit your loan application for no cost. Yes, all that is free. If the pre-approval goes through and is then used to purchase a house, Loan Finder will collect a percentage of the loan. But if you don\’t close on a house, Pete & Robby don\’t get paid. To Pete & Robby, that\’s only fair. .

Specialties or Featured Items

Pete & Robby also do community education through their Loan Finder radio show on 1430 WLKF, Lakeland, at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Topics on the show range from real estate and the recession to reverse mortgages, refinancing, and house insurance,and anyone can call in with any question to get a free education. If you\’re wandering around the dial on Saturday morning, tune in to get an idea of both the fun and the depth of knowledge that characterize Loan Finder.