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What We Do

LienEm is an intuitive, online database designed to aid contractors\’ and subcontractors\’ collections of their fair wages by not only helping them create updated legal notices and claim forms but also by helping them track essential deadlines mandated by the Florida Lien Law. LienEm subscribers can record an unlimited number of jobs in their account, and each job entry will automatically produce the appropriate forms in the appropriate order, including the Notice to Owner, Notice to Contractor/Bondholder, Claim of Lien, Notice of Performance and Non-Payment, Partial Release, and Full Release.

The program also provides the search tools needed to find the Notice of Commencement, which contains the main information needed to get the process rolling. Harold E. “Rhett” Barker, P.A., provides the legal expertise to keep the forms consistent with periodic changes in the Florida Lien Law, and LienEm\’s work flow feature keeps subscribers updated on which collection projects have priority and on what action should be taken next.

This service was developed by Jerry Prescott in Lakeland, Florida, to simplify and organize the collection endeavors for his small business, Liberty Plumbing and Septic. Especially for small subcontractors, LienEm can provide a valuable solution to the collection problem, helping workers and suppliers take full advantage of the Florida Lien Law while reducing their need for secretarial and legal assistance.

Why Us?

LienEm was created by a subcontractor to help his business and similar businesses collect the money owed them, and the creator of LienEm will be using the service himself. Therefore, you can trust that the program is tailored to the unique needs of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in the construction industry. What\’s more, as the industry changes or as LienEm subscribers send in feedback, the LienEm program will change accordingly to always support its clientele as completely as possible.

Also, LienEm is one of the few programs of its kind anywhere, and the only one with its intuitive, all-in-one design. Before creating LienEm, Jerry Prescott had gone looking for a program that could take care of his collection paperwork. Not finding one, Jerry made his own.

LienEm\’s work flow feature is also a godsend for busy workers who tend to lose track of “what form is needed next” and “how long before the deadline.” The prioritized list tells you what form to send to whom, and by when. Take a look at your LienEm account every day and you\’ll never miss a step or a deadline again, which is imperative when trying to take a lien foreclosure action to court.

Finally, LienEm is less costly and less work than continually sending your paperwork off different business which charge for every form, not to mention less costly than retaining a lawyer for all of your collection efforts. LienEm also puts the control of the collection process into your hands in a way that doesn\’t overload you with office work. Call us at (863) 808-6708 to set up a demonstration or to get your questions answered by our customer service representatives.

Prices and Warranties

The LienEm program costs $200 per quarter, collected through PayPal, and can handle unlimited entries. Training and support is provided by Jerry Prescott Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.

Call (863) 808-6708 to ask any questions about the service or to schedule a demonstration.

Specialties or Featured Items

The LienEm program puts your searches for Notices of Commencement in one, centralized place by linking you with the Clerk of Courts and appraisal districts all over Florida. The easy data entry interface only asks you to enter Notice of Commencement information, addressee information, and the dates of starting and finishing a job,after that, you mainly hit the “print” button at different times in the process.

The database is also searchable, enabling you to organize your jobs by their different stages of completion or collection. This overview allows you to see what collections are imminent (or not), which allows you to plan your budget accordingly.