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1421 Commercial Park Drive, Suite 3
Lakeland, Florida 33801
Phone: (863) 668-9817
Web: www.libertyplumbingandseptic.com
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Liberty Plumbing

What We Do

When it comes to plumbing and septic systems, Liberty does it all.

Liberty\’s two master plumbers have 58 years of experience between them, along with the drive to make sure the job is done right. For residential customers, Liberty installs and replaces plumbing fixtures, detects and repairs leaks and clogs, re-pipes part or all of houses, and does the plumbing for large or small remodeling jobs. For people considering purchasing a house, we also do residential inspections of a house\’s plumbing and septic systems,it\’s better to know what the pipes are like before you buy. Liberty also contracts with construction companies to plumb not only new houses and subdivisions but also commercial developments. In plumbing or septic, Liberty has worked with Southern Homes, Cassidy homes, and both Miller and Folsom commercial construction companies. All Liberty pipes are pressure-tested and inspected, and owner Jerry Prescott,who also has his Residential Builder\’s License,knows the process backwards and forwards.

The other half of Liberty\’s expertise is underground,the septic system. Liberty installs systems, upgrades them, replaces drain fields, services pumps and filters, pumps septic tanks out, and inspects septic systems to ensure optimum performance. Septic systems should be pumped out every 3-5 years and should be inspected every five years to make sure the system is processing wastewater properly. Liberty installs and services septic systems for both individual residences and residential and commercial construction projects.

We use mainly Hoot and Norweco brands of septic systems, but we can service anything you have under your lawn.

Why Us?

Our plumber Gary cut his teeth on a monkey wrench, working in the business under his dad and going strong at it for 45 years. Our plumbers have been hired locally and across the country to do “extreme” plumbing jobs. Our septic expert, Jerry, is vice president of the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association and is an alternate member of the governor\’s tech review advisory panel for septic issues. Having been up to his neck in the septic industry for over a decade, Jerry knows his stuff.
Liberty is a member in good standing with the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, the Polk County Builder\’s Association, and the Florida Manufactured Housing Association. Liberty is licensed, bonded, and insured and offers 24-hour service.
Jerry Prescott is licensed as a Master Septic Contractor, which is a second-degree license held only by 60-70 people in Florida. Lisa Prescott, his wife, is an Environmental Health Professional who does Liberty\’s soil evaluations for septic systems, streamlining the permit process. The Prescotts are invested in this business and in this community. “We\’ll give you a fair, honest price and good service,” Jerry says. “We don\’t rip people off.”

Prices and Warranties

Liberty Plumbing bids large jobs for individual homeowners/residents and for construction companies. Service visits incur a $49 charge, but this charge is waived if Liberty is hired to do the job. Liberty can bill customers by hour + parts, or they can bill by job using a standard flat rate book, an industry price book itemized by service, parts, and extras.
Call for quotes on inspections and standard services (like pumping out a septic system). Some general quotes can also be given for normal service and repair issues, like replacing a toilet or water heater. For most installations and services, Liberty offers a limited one-year warranty. Call for warranty details about a specific service or product.

Specialties or Featured Items

Septic systems can be easily maintained with basic servicing every 3-5 years, if they are not abused, and septic systems are generally better for the environment in Florida, where sewer lines allow as much as 30% of the wastewater to leak out (untreated) on the way to the sewer plant. Septic systems with Aerobic Treatment Units can process wastewater especially efficiently. ATUs maintain air flow in the septic system to allow aerobic bacteria to process the wastewater more quickly and efficiently. This efficiency allows the system to have a smaller drain field, or you can use the processed wastewater to safely water your yard. It also allows bigger houses on smaller lots, since the septic system needs less room.