::Chiropractic Center of Lakeland

Chiropractic Center of Lakeland

North Clinic
2390 Griffin Road
Lakeland, FL 33810
Phone: 863-859-0335
863-859-0501 (fax)

South Clinic
5227 State Road 98 S
Highland City, FL 33846
Phone: 863-709-1600
863-709-1616 (fax)

Chiropractic Center of Lakeland

What We Do

Chiropractic Center of Lakeland offers a holistic alternative for relief from back and neck pain and all illnesses associated with vertebral misalignment. Owned by veteran chiropractor Dr. Steve Johnson, CCL\’s three doctors and two Licensed Massage Therapists practice family chiropractic, sports-related rehabilitation, and nutritional counseling.

We use chiropractic adjustment to treat subluxations in the spine, a root cause not only of back pain but also many other physical problems. These spinal adjustments relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restore proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Our massage therapists supplement spinal adjustment by working and re-educating connecting muscles and soft tissues, bringing relief and health to the whole musculoskeletal system.

CCL also employs newer technologies to combat degenerative diseases of the spine. We use spinal decompression to reverse disc herniation, utilizing the Axiom DRX 9000C machine. To speed healing of injured tissues we use Cold Laser Therapy, which safely increases metabolic activity in the targeted tissues and encourages good cell growth and higher serotonin levels to help the body heal itself. In addition, our dry hydrotherapy combines the elements of whirlpool, heat, and massage therapy into one process without the inconvenience of getting wet or the risk of communicable diseases or slip-and-fall injuries.

We use the Ionic Body Cleanse footbath to draw years\’ worth of undesirable toxins out through the feet, and footbath patients have testified to instant relief from migraines, fatigue, neck pain, toxemia, yeast infections, and work and sports-related injuries. Finally, CCL trains patients in good nutrition and exercise through several dietary plans, including NutraMetrix, Nutri-west, and Standard Process, and through exercise such as stretching, yoga, and the Thera-band Rehab Exercise System. Our rehab specialists help active therapy patients rehabilitate and condition muscles and joints, improve balance, and increase strength.

Why Us?

We believe in what we do, partly because we have experienced the relief and health that chiropractic care can give. One of our staff members, Stef, had been suffering from 18 months of constant ear infections when she went through our patient process. After her first adjustment, her ear drained, and she has been free of that malady for three years now.

Chiropractic Center of Lakeland not only addresses your immediate pain, but we will also explore long-term health solutions. Our philosophy centers around the health of the whole body, and our everyday health choices, as key to our overall well-being. Our doctors and health-care professionals educate and mentor our patients in a new lifestyle of healthy eating, consistent exercise, and whole-body cleansing, the necessary steps to achieving a better and happier life

Specials and Fund-raisers

CCL wants people of all ages to benefit from quality chiropractic care, not just people with stiff backs! Many birthing methods can cause serious misalignment in the spine of an infant, and two-year-olds have fallen down, on average, about 2,000 times! Vertebral subluxations in children have been linked to colic, ear infections, sinus trouble, ADHD, autism, bedwetting, stomach and bowel trouble, allergies, and muscle tension. In light of this, CCL has declared every Tuesday Kids\’ Day, on which children 14 and under can receive a chiropractic adjustment for $10.

Also, our current patients can bring their spouses in for an initial exam and X-ray for only $37. Do you own or manage a sports team? One of our doctors can visit your team and do individual physicals for $25, including a complete neurological, scoliosis, and orthopedic checkup. $10 of each $25 even goes back to your team!

CCL is partnered with Heartland for Children (www.heartlandforchildren.org) and Project Care Outreach (www.projectcareoutreach.org).

Hours of Operation

Monday and Wednesday: 8:00am-12:00pm & 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00pm-6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-1:00pm
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at alternate locations